Meet The Deer at Jedforest Deer & Farm Park


Fallow DeerFallow deer are the most common species of deer found in parks, as they are decorative.

They vary in colouring from black, shades of brown with spots, to white.

Their antlers are palmated amd are cast and regrown each year. Fallow represent the second-most numerous breed of farmed deer.

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Sika DeerSika deer were originally introduced from the Far East. The wild ones found in Britain have descended from ones which had escaped from deer parks and are increasing in numbers.

There are three main species in Britain:- Manchurian, Formosian and Japanese sikh.

Their summer coat is brown with white spots which becomes darker in winter and the spots disappear. They have a very distinctive white rump patch which enlarges when the animal is startled.

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Red Deer

Red DeerA true native to this country, red deer are ideally evolved to our temperate climate, therefore unlike domesticated animals they need very little help from the farmer.

A herd of 80 Red Deer hinds are run as a commercial enterprise. We aim to recreate the medieval deer park atmosphere, where the eating quality and well being is the main priority.Part of our diet for thousands of years, venison is the type of meat we are genatically adapted to.

Deer are handled just once a year to wean calves and treat hinds and calves for worms and lice. Calves spend their first winter housed inside.

In the spring they are moved to a fattening farm in Yorkshire - Holme Farm.

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White Red Deer

That's right...white red deer. White Red Deer are Natural Red Deer showing white genes on both male and female lines. Not to be mistaken with albino animals ours have true brown eyes, and not blue or white as in albinoism.

The occur naturally in the wild, hence reference to white hart in pub and hotel names, and are associated with good luck omens, especially for travellers.

White males are very rare indeed, and ours is the foremost white breeding herd in the country.